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Month: March 2012

NPR story about the safety of BPA leaves consumers feeling more confident

NPR Radio featured a story this morning that anyone who has ever wondered or been confused about the safety of bisphenol-A (BPA) should hear. Some of the latest scientific...

USA Today: Job growth expected from abundant, affordable natural gas

“The nation’s fast-growing supply of cheap natural gas is setting off a manufacturing revival that’s expected to create hundreds of thousands of jobs as companies build or expand plants...

House Energy & Commerce Committee questions the science behind chemical risk assessments

Several members of the House Energy & Commerce Committee met with stakeholders from the regulated community last week to discuss the growing concern around the quality of the science...

EE Global Forum highlights efficiency challenges, chemistry solutions

Visionaries attending the 2012 Energy Efficiency Global Forum will draw from a palette of energy efficiency technologies, policies and regulations to paint a more sustainable future for our planet...

NYC looks to embrace energy recovery

Earlier this month, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg put out a call for proposals to examine technologies that could turn a portion of the city’s municipal waste into...