Energy recovery should be part of President Obama’s “all of the above” approach to domestic energy

During a visit to a Colorado Air Force base on Friday, President Barack Obama continued to embrace the use of America’s abundant natural gas. This follows last week’s State of the Union address when the President endorsed an “all of the above” approach to energy production in America.

“Even if we tapped every drop of domestic oil, we’ve only got 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves. We’ve got to have an all-out, all-of-the-above strategy, develop every available source of American energy,” he told the military crowd in Aurora.

This announcement is exciting for those interested in alternative, sustainable energy from domestic sources. And energy recovery should be part of that mix.

A growing number of modern energy recovery technologies allow us to capture the energy value of non-recycled plastics and other materials, and that helps to enhance our nation’s energy security.

For instance, if all the non-recycled municipal solid waste currently sent to landfills were instead sent to energy recovery facilities, it would produce enough energy to power 16.2 million U.S. homes. Also, utilizing energy recovery means less municipal solid waste goes to landfills, dramatically reducing methane gas emissions, which are 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

Recovering energy from waste taps into an abundant domestic energy source and helps reduce our country’s need to import energy. So, if President Obama is serious about his “all of the above” approach, now is the time to expand our capacity to recover energy from waste.

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