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With jobs still top of mind in 2012, shale gas and the ‘creative class’ bring hope to struggling states

As we ring in the New Year and look towards the 2012 presidential election, it’s clear what issue remains top of mind: good American jobs. A “good job” today is one that averages 30+ hours per week and comes with a regular paycheck and benefits from an employer, according to Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO […]

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Come rain, snow or shine, energy recovery can offer a consistent source of power

The winter months can put a tremendous strain on power grids. And just as our need for heat starts to rise, so does the waste we generate (just consider the food and gift packaging we go through during the winter holidays). Although these two occurrences may seem unrelated, some communities have found a common solution […]

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‘Sun-Believable’ solar paint a primer for meeting future energy needs?

(ND Newswire) – Imagine if the next coat of paint you put on the outside of your home generates electricity from light—electricity that can be used to power the appliances and equipment on the inside. A team of researchers at the University of Notre Dame has made a major advance toward this vision by creating […]

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API’s Jack Gerard sees an ‘abundance of opportunity’ in American energy; how can chemistry help bring us there?

“When we look at all our domestic energy options – fossil fuels, nuclear energy, renewable and alternative energy sources such as biofuels – we see a nation with an abundance of opportunity for growth,” said American Petroleum Institute (API) president Jack Gerard in a speech Wednesday at the association’s second annual State of American Energy […]

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Climax Global Energy brings new jobs to rural South Carolina with $5 million plastics-to-oil facility

“Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!” wrote South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on her Facebook page, breaking the news to fans about Climax Global Energy Inc.’s establishment of a state-of-the-art plastics-to-oil facility in Barnwell County. The $5 million investment is expected to generate 20 new jobs in Blackville, SC, and make a palpable impact on the 1,100 households […]

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