Energy recovery pioneer, Agilyx, turns non-recycled plastics into valuable energy

Plastics recycling is a growing business, as Americans continue to recycle billions of pounds of plastic bottles, containers, bags and wraps every year.

But what happens to plastics that aren’t recycled? Oregon-based Agilyx is using chemistry to convert more of these valuable materials from waste into useful fuel.

As Lew Feucht, an account manager at Agilyx, explained to Waste & Recycling News reporter Jeremy Carroll, “We are going after the waste plastic that, at the end of the day, doesn’t have a very valuable home.”

Recovering plastic for energy purposes is good for the environment and good for business. A 20-ton-per-day energy recovery facility can produce 118 barrels of crude oil per day. At $85 a barrel, that equates to $3.3 million a year – a very lucrative business indeed.

“We are trying to give this industry a new profit stream,” Fuecht said. “We want to go where the plastic already is.”

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