This week’s Green Intelligence Forum to focus on energy, environment, sustainable cities; what’s chemistry’s role?

This Wednesday, November 16, leading authorities on energy and the environment will convene at the Green Intelligence Forum: Creating the Sustainable City of the Future, in Washington, D.C.

Hosted by The Atlantic, the two-day event promises to “explore macro trends in energy and the environment” on Wednesday and to “examine green intelligence through the framework of sustainable cities” the following day.

Sustainable or “green building” design and construction is our opportunity to use America’s resources more efficiently while creating healthier and more energy-efficient homes. America’s chemistry companies are leaders in energy efficiency. For buildings, we deliver energy-saving materials and products used for insulation, roofing, piping, windows, air infiltration systems, compact fluorescent lighting, appliances, solar panels, and many others.

Although there is no magic formula, success comes in the form of using more energy-efficient, cost-effective, low-maintenance products for our construction needs. States must do their part, too, by adopting, implementing and enforcing the 2012 model energy conservation code and passing laws that automatically adopt updated codes.

We look forward to hearing more about energy infrastructure and green building solutions from the Green Intelligence Forum’s keynote speakers, including Martha Johnson of the United States General Services Administration, Nancy Sutley of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), who will launch the event with a Keynote Address on the future of energy legislation and sustainable communities.

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