‘Chemicals prioritisation needs to be reasoned and efficient,’ Dooley writes in Chemical Watch

With the fate of legislation in Congress up in the air, ACC President Cal Dooley suggests how the review of chemical substances under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) can be improved today in a guest column just published in the October issue of Chemical Watch’s Business Briefing. Our friends at Chemical Watch have granted us permission to share the full article with you here.

Dooley explains that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could be more effective if they would establish a clear prioritization process to guide the Agency when it decides which chemical substances to consider for further review and potential regulation.

ACC’s proposed system, which we introduced last month, takes a very comprehensive approach by evaluating chemicals against transparent, consistent and scientific criteria. ACC’s approach would not only give the public and industry more confidence that EPA is focusing on the chemicals that truly warrant further review but it would also help the Agency make better use of its limited resources.

Feel free as always to share your own thoughts on this important regulatory and safety issue.

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