Croda’s commitment to sustainability reflected in US headquarters’ new solar energy system

Earlier this morning, I described a chemistry innovation that improves the efficiency of solar cells – yet another example of how chemistry is fueling our nation’s energy future.

Today, taking a giant leap forward in the solar arena, Croda, Inc., the global specialty chemicals manufacturer, dedicated a massive, 305 kilowatt solar energy system at its Edison, New Jersey facility. Over half of the facility’s power needs will soon be met by the sun.

According to calculations, this photovoltaic feat, made possible by Mercury Solar Systems and EnterSolar, will have an environmental impact equivalent to:

  • planting 52 acres of trees
  • powering 42 homes
  • turning off 1,946 60-watt light bulbs for eight hours a day each year
  • removing 47 cars from service
  • saving more than 27,500 gallons of gasoline

Highlighting the importance of innovation early in the supply chain – where the chemistry industry lives and thrives – Croda president Kevin Gallagher added:

In many ways, this solar power generation project combines our commitment to sustainability with our commitment to innovation and shows that innovation goes beyond product innovation alone. Our customers need ingredient suppliers who share their values and their commitment to sustainability and innovation in all its forms.

Photo via ICIS Green Chemicals

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