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What’s so funny about a world without engineers?

A world without engineers actually isn’t funny — at all. A world without engineers would look a lot like the frightening dystopias of science fiction or fantasy films. But...

Chemicals in food: Top chemical food myths debunked…naturally! [video]

Chew on this: “Chemical-free” foods and drinks don’t exist. Natural chemicals in our food are not “naturally better” than manmade chemicals. And the word “detox” is too often used...

6 chemical myths debunked: New guide helps consumers see through common misconceptions

If there were ever a guide to help put to bed the all-too-common myths about chemicals in our daily lives, this might just be it. Making Sense of Chemical...

ExxonMobil on leading edge of shale-driven industrial renaissance, one step away from multi-billion dollar expansion at Baytown, TX

ExxonMobil is an early mover in America’s industrial renaissance fueled by abundant and affordable supplies of natural gas from shale and associated natural gas liquids. The company is awaiting...


Media roundup: Who’s talking about the $100B manufacturing investment milestone

The American Chemistry Council recently announced that potential new U.S. chemical industry investment spurred by shale gas has surpassed $100 billion. The nearly 150 projects that have been reported...