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Endocrine science: Will the real “manufacturers of doubt” please stand up?

“Let’s Stop the Manipulation of Science,” reads the title to an op-ed recently published in the popular French newspaper, Le Monde. It sounds like an honest cause, but are the authors being disingenuous with their call to action? The scientists who co-signed the piece make a bold accusation – that “scientific evidence has been willfully distorted […]

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2016 Polyurethanes Technical Conference draws nearly 1,000 professionals to Baltimore

“Our driving force is CPI,” remarked CPI Steering Committee Chair Tom Feige at the Opening Session of the 2016 Polyurethanes Technical Conference. “We have an association of people and resources that support a material that is vital to our society.” The strength and momentum driving the industry forward served as the common thread linking together […]

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ACC releases updated review of U.S. drinking water chlorination practices and issues

Imagine living in a world without chlorine disinfection of drinking water…You would have no idea when a dreaded disease might strike you down or strike down your children or other family members. This is the world that everyone in the U.S. lived in at the turn of the twentieth century. –Michael J. McGuire in the […]

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The role of chemistry in sustainable buildings: Greenbuild sessions highlight materials health, safety and innovation

Innovations in chemistry make an important contribution in developing the products and materials that help create attractive, durable, modern buildings. High performance spray foam insulation helps keep heat and cooled air inside a building, lowering energy costs. Vinyl flooring in hospitals and operating rooms is easy to clean and disinfect and can last for many […]

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NIEHS celebrates 25 years of endocrine disruptor research – we ask, what’s to celebrate?

For the past three decades, the rate of innovation among the world’s leading chemical manufacturers has accelerated at a globally competitive pace. Consumers often reap the benefits of this innovation firsthand: we see a larger number and greater variety of products appearing on store shelves; upgraded products that outperform their predecessors; and new technologies that […]

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Silicones help athletes perform in Rio

We celebrate the hard work and talent of the world’s best athletes as they compete in over 300 events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But these competitors don’t just rely on their coaches and supporters to reach their goals. High-performance sports equipment help athletes compete more effectively and safely. Silicones, in particular, play a key […]

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Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (LCSA): Legislative Summit provides valuable forum to explore new, better way to regulate chemicals in commerce

As a part of their mission to strengthen state governments, the National Council of State Legislators hosted their annual Legislative Summit this week in Chicago. Given the recent federal action around TSCA reform, the summit could not have come at a more opportune time. During the event the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Vice-President of State […]

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What does the future hold for chemical security regulations?

It’s hard to believe that ten years have gone by since the Department of Homeland Security adopted the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS). Not all of those years were easy ones and the program has had its fair share of challenges along the way. As Compliance Division Director David Wulf pointed out to a packed […]

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Live! From #ACCaugust Round 2 – 2016

During the August recess, ACC’s Political Mobilization activities will be in full swing! Once again, we’ll be fanning out across the country to further our industry’s advocacy goals in a grassroots initiative called #ACCaugust. Through plant tours, in-district meetings, and industry roundtable discussions, we will meet with Members of Congress to raise awareness of the vital importance […]

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How the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (LCSA) is already at work for consumers, businesses and families

It’s been just five weeks since the president signed the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (LCSA) into law, and we’re already seeing strong evidence that the law is working the way it should. Late last week, in one of EPA’s first actions under the new law, the Agency evaluated a group of new chemicals submitted to […]

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