At home and at the ball park, recycling is always a home run

At ACC, we encourage everyone to recycle their plastic bottles and containers whenever they can — at home, at the mall, even at the baseball stadium. It makes sense: many beverages sold at baseball games come in plastic bottles or are served in plastic cups, making the ballpark a great place for plastic recycling.

Recently, our Plastics Make it Possible® team visited Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, to talk about plastics recycling with Colorado Rockies fans. We brought our vending machine that accepts plastic bottles as “currency” to show how easy it can be to recycle and how recycling can give a new life to plastics. Fans inserted an empty plastic beverage bottle into the machine and, in exchange, received a T-shirt made with fabric from recycled plastic bottles.

The vending machine and the baseball-themed shirts were a big hit. Fans from both teams lined up during the game to recycle their plastic bottles, receive their T-shirt, and learn more about plastics recycling.

To further encourage recycling, Plastics Make it Possible® teamed up with Rockies outfielder Michael Cuddyer to create a short video asking fans to recycle at the ballpark. Cuddyer asked fans to pitch in and recycle their plastics at home and the ballpark.

So the next time you catch a live sporting event, remember to seek out the recycling bins and recycle your plastic bottles!

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