Energy recovery… There’s an app for that!

Through the power of technology, the benefits of recovering energy from everyday waste now can be experienced right at your fingertips. And it’s fun.

Covanta Energy has launched a new game for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that allows you to earn points for feeding the energy production process while sorting out recyclables and other non-energy-producing items.

Remember the mini-crane that you used to grab prizes in the arcade? Similar concept – but think free and virtual.

In addition to being totally fun and addictive, The Crane Game is helping to educate people on how the waste-to-energy process works by allowing them to simulate the process. We think this is a great way to help more people understand energy recovery and the benefits it can bring to communities.

According to Covanta:

Throughout the game, players must operate a crane to transport waste from a holding pit into a chute leading to a combustion chamber. As each level is completed, waste deliveries come faster and faster and users must avoid obstacles like recyclables, electronics and other items that shouldn’t be combusted.

Paul Gilman, chief sustainability officer for Covanta, summed up why it’s important to teach people about the importance and potential of recovering energy from waste:

After communities have reduced, reused and recycled to their fullest extent, the next, most responsible step is to recover renewable energy from the remaining solid waste at EfW (energy-from-waste) facilities.

ACC applauds Covanta for developing this creative, new way to help more of us understand potential of energy recovery.

Now, back to Level 4…

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