Energy and Power Subcommittee highlights private-sector contributions to energy efficiency

“The U.S. has steadily improved its energy productivity as a result of advances in technology driven by private sector innovation,” according to House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI), speaking during a recent Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing featuring ACC member Arkema, Inc.

The U.S. manufacturing sector is driving the development of advanced technology that reduces energy costs and cuts back on waste, Upton said:


Reducing waste and consuming less energy are commonsense strategies to cut costs, which is why the industrial and manufacturing sectors have undertaken significant efforts to improve efficiency and reap the resulting economic benefits.

Energy-efficient technologies also create millions of jobs, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) noted in her testimony:

The world is on the verge of a significant economic transformation that will be built on fundamental changes in the way we produce and use energy. Millions of new jobs will be created in this modern energy economy as new technologies and techniques are developed and deployed in homes, office buildings, power plants and factories.

Arkema, Inc. urged the Committee to support “policies that recognize and encourage the important contributions of materials producers and the chemical manufacturing industry to efforts to promote and achieve energy efficiency improvements.”

Arkema drives private sector innovation through the development of advanced materials that improve U.S. energy efficiency such as resins for cool-roof coatings, fluorochemicals for coolants in appliances, and plastics and polymers for lightweight automobile parts. In total, chemistry products and technologies save 8 to 10.9 quadrillion BTUs in energy per year, which adds up to $85 billion in annual cost savings.

Learn more about ACC’s policy recommendations for maximizing chemistry’s contribution to energy efficiency.

Photo via House Energy and Commerce on Flickr

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