And the “From Chemistry to Energy” Zooppa contest winners are…

Last December, we invited independent filmmakers and motion design enthusiasts on to help us tell the “From Chemistry to Energy” story — and to illustrate why that story matters to America’s energy and economic future.

What we got in return were more than three dozen unique takes on an important American manufacturing narrative, each one revealing great thought and ingenuity on the part of the filmmakers.

Of the 38 videos submitted, we found none to be more unique, visually surprising or thought-provoking than Tyler Depke’s paragon of stop-motion animation “From Chemistry to Energy,” earning Tyler the $10,000 grand prize. The video really holds the viewer’s attention from start to finish — a difficult thing to pull off with this kind of subject matter.

Coming in at second place was “Energy in the Modern World” by Jennifer Chiu, creative director at Motion Sickness — a collaborative band of artists based in Los Angeles, CA that we thought put together the most elegant motion graphics in the lot.

In third, “Chemistry Makes It Possible” by Jeremy Sampson, a talented director, editor and animator from Alabama who delivered a seamless blend of visuals and sound to tell the “From Chemistry to Energy” story.

Finally, creative director Jeff Buss submitted a professionally shot and expertly produced video in “Chemistry to Energy,” which we thought really drove the manufacturing story home, earning Jeff the fourth place spot.

We will be featuring the top four videos on our new website, which goes live Tuesday in concert with ACC’s official launch of its “From Chemistry to Energy” awareness campaign.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for more information about the campaign and to take a tour of our new microsite!

Chemistry plays an integral role in achieving greater national energy security and in transforming stable, reliable energy supplies into economic growth, jobs and broader benefits for the nation. From Chemistry to Energy is a national campaign highlighting the need for a comprehensive energy strategy to stimulate economic recovery, job creation and long-term competitiveness for U.S. manufacturers. The campaign will also advocate for policies to support growth in key energy sources such as natural gas, energy efficiency and energy recovery.

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